【這間店關了,英文是 “The shop is close.” or “The shop is closed.”?】2018/5/2

【這間店關了,英文是 “The shop is close.” or “The shop is closed.”?】

接續昨天的主題,店開門了要說The shop is open. 那店關門(休息)了該選擇以下哪句才對呢?
(1) The shop is close.
(2) The shop is closed.

(1) The shop is close. → “Close” is used here as an “adjective” to mean “near in space;not far away or distant”.
close為形容詞時,解釋為 “距離近的;不遠的”,故例句(1)其實就是The shop is nearby. 的意思,跟店休息了無關。
●例句(2) “The shop is closed.” 才是店關門(休息)的意思。
(2) The shop is closed. = The shop is shut;The shop is not open.

→ The word “closed” is an example of a participial adjective. It is similar to others such as “surprised”, “bored”, “interested” and “tired”. These adjectives usually come from words with Latin roots. Other adjectives, such as “open” and “bright”, have Germanic roots and do not take English forms requiring “ed” at the end.

close這個字來自拉丁文字根,拉丁字源的動詞通常會以「字尾+ed」的方式形成「分詞形容詞」(participial adjective),例如”surprised”, “bored”, “interested” 和 “tired”這些字。
而日耳曼字源的形容詞,就不需要在字尾+ed,它們本身就具有形容詞的詞性,例如”open” 和 “bright”。

這也就是為什麼開店要說“The shop is open.”,而關店卻要說“The shop is closed.” (close要改成closed變成分詞形容詞)的原因了。

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