2014/03/05 A2 Lemons are not red 蘿蔔蹲

利用蘿蔔蹲的遊戲,幫助A2 (小一)小朋友熟悉繪本Lemons are not red的字彙及句型。不過意外的是,竟然沒有小朋友知道什麽是蘿蔔蹲遊戲,所以遊戲前花了點時間解釋遊戲規則,也因為太不熟,加上緊張會忘詞,所以遊戲節奏就比較沒有那麼緊張刺激XD 下次應該就會好些啦! 孩子們也玩地很開心哦!

Lemons are not RED.
Lemons are YELLOW.
Apples are RED.

Carrots are not PURPLE.
Carrots are ORANGE.
Eggplants are PURPLE.

Flamingos are not GRAY.
Flamingos are PINK.
Elephants are GRAY.

Reindeer are not WHITE. 
Reindeer are BROWN.
Snowmen are WHITE.

Grass is not BLUE.
Grass is GREEN.
The sky is BLUE.

The moon is not BLACK.
The moon is SILVER.
The night is BLACK.

Good night!